Why isn’t there advertising?

I deliberately exclude advertising on this website out of respect for your privacy and as a reflection of my values.

A major problem in today’s advertising and marketing efforts is the invasive data collection on citizens, the irresponsible data management, and the selling of citizens’ data to little-known or mendacious organizations with unrestricted data use. Data is not only used to improve our quality of life and to improve products, but is often used by nation-state malign actors, greedy third parties, and hackers eager to gain profit. The recent uproar of citizens’ concerns over data management and responsibilities is foundation for my own effort in best practice while managing this website.

To show my respect for my followers, supporters, friends, family, and fellow leaders, I deliberately exclude advertising on this website. I respect everyone’s privacy and host this website to share with you my values and who I am. I do not aim to profit from your visitation, and I pay independently to host and maintain this website.

I hope that in the future you remember my dedication to supporting our national values and my effort to not provide third-party stakeholders with your data. I appreciate the time and effort you make to visit, read, and interact with me and my website. I hope that my content inspires you to be your best person and to share it with the world.