About the Author

Trish Wyman is a loving daughter, a faithful friend, a mentor and mentee, and an unchained spirit who is devout to her nation and military service.

Trish started with humble beginnings: She was abandoned by her biological father within six months of birth, has supported her mother from a young age, and grew up in a household with less economic means. Her mother remarried, but it led to a life of abuse and neglect.

Trish grew up in central Florida, as the seed of adventure prepared her for a career and life she could hardly imagine. As a tomboy, she has always loved the outdoors, wildlife, and travel.

Her love of writing started as early as the age of eight, as she would write her thoughts about things in a daily journal. As an only child, writing provided an outlet to cope , but also to deliberately think about topics in life. Trish has numerous writings varying across the spectrum, and she hopes to eventually share more of these writings.

Trish declined a college tennis scholarship and pursued an unconventional career in the U.S. Army in 2001. She entered as a private and, even in basic training, has had rapid promotions revealing her aptitude for leading. Not only did she want to serve her fellow Americans, but she also desired the stability of such a disciplined career field. Her military opportunity has directly led to her education, including three degrees, one as a science degree.

Trish has gained an abundance of knowledge and appreciation from her worldly experiences. Trish has toured around the world, mostly South America, the Middle East, and southwest Asia. These trips have enlightened her appreciation for simple living, resiliency, and optimistic thinking. She has witnessed and interacted with all types of people, of all levels of society. With this, she appreciates how much she has learned and can pass on to others. Trish actively promotes dialogue to improve understanding and opportunity for at-risk and less educated/learned members of society.

Today, Trish enjoys hiking, camping, birding, and spending time with close friends. She also still supports and loves her mother and has informally adopted a ‘papa bear’ who is the best dad she could ever have. She enjoys mentoring at-risk youth and others who find motivation in her example. Can you relate, or has Trish motivated you? If you’d like to reach out to her, you can contact her at trish@leaderscholarvolunteer.com.